Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Emergency and Disaster Relief Program Related Investments (PRIs) for U.S. Animal Welfare Organizations Needing Emergency Funding

From The Foundation Center...

[For more information on this low interest emergency relief, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this blog post].  RFP is an acronym for "Request for Proposal".

"ASPCA Offering Program-Related Investments (PRI's) for Emergencies and Disasters
"The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provides program-related investments to animal welfare organizations that have a need for emergency funding. Through this program, short-term low-interest bridge loans of up to $250,000 will be provided to select organizations able to demonstrate emergency need and the ability to repay the funds within  twenty-four months.

"PRIs will be awarded to support animal welfare organizations in cases of natural disasters, including but  not limited to floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail storms, wildfires, windstorms, animal disease outbreaks and epidemics, droughts, and earthquakes; human-caused disasters, including but  not limited to oil spills, fires, infrastructure damage, transportation accidents, hazardous materials release, explosions, and acts of terrorism; and economic emergencies, including but  not limited to cash flow shortages, restructuring, relocation of physical space, leadership transitions, or other economic events that affect daily operations.

"To be eligible, applicants must be an established 501(c)(3) or governmental animal welfare organization located in the United States and in good standing with the ASPCA (applying organizations cannot have any overdue reports for past grants); must be able through their by-laws or board resolution to enter into a loan agreement; and must be willing and able to complete an online application and submit pertinent background materials and organizational financial information.

"ASPCA will consider applications as necessary on an open basis.

"See the ASPCA Web site for complete program guidelines and application instructions."