Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veterans, Thank You. Here Are Resources To Assist Veterans and Their Loved Ones...

"To Cheer Up Or Support Those Currently Serving Our Nation and Their Loved Ones:

Support Our Troops "- a nonprofit enabling the public to send care packages to U.S. service men and women, offers other programs such as Find-A-Group - a database that allows the public to find out what organization support the troops and their families, and you may donate if you wish to.

USO "- a private nonprofit chartered by Congress, the United Service Organizations provides not only entertainment to the troops, overseas, as we all know; but more.  There are a variety of services and programs supporting our troops but their loved ones back home, including care package programs, free phone cards for service people and their families, and much much more.

For Veterans and Their Loved Ones:

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Joining Forces "- a White House initiative's website that provides veterans' employment resources and other veterans' and military spouse resources and support.

Veterans Crisis Line "- a website providing a helpline for "confidential veterans" assistance from the Department of Veteran Affairs, resources for veterans having difficulties with depression or contemplating suicide, and resources for the loved ones of veterans facing crisis.

National Alliance On Mental Illness's Veterans and Suicide web page " lists both government and private (non-government) resources available to both veterans and their loved ones who are dealing with a vet's depression, suicidal thoughts, or other mental health and wellness issues.

"For U.S. Employers Wishing to Hiring United States Service Men and Women, (and for U.S. Veterans Returning to the Workforce specifically see the Society for Human Resource Management's link, below):

U.S. Small Business Association's Veterans web page " providing information on the federal programs that encourage small business employers to hire U.S. veterans and what each program's benefits, requirements, etc. are.

Society for Human Resource Management's Military Employment Resource page, "online, provides resources for veterans returning to the workplace (such as what rights they have according to the law, etc.), resources for employers: hiring tool kits, federal contractors lists, how to work through communication issues with hired veterans, best practices, and more." [Source: Out of Gratitude to Our U.S. Service People - Resources To Support, Cheer Up, Hire, and Help Them and Their Loved Ones]

Advice On Any Individual Seeking Grants for Themselves (as Opposed to Grants for An Organization, Etc.):

Are There Grants for An Individual?

A Bit More for Individuals Looking for Grants

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