Sunday, October 06, 2013

News Stories Describing How the Federal Government Shutdown is Effecting Nonprofit Organizations

Here is a news round up describing how the federal shutdown is effecting the nonprofit sector, six days since it began (the federal shutdown began Tuesday, October 1, 2013):

Updated: Government Shutdown: What It Means for Nonprofits  (from The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Charities Brace for Government Shutdown

Nonprofits Begin Coping With Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown Will Impact Millions of Service Volunteers

Shutdown Brings Combined Federal Campaign to a standstill

 What the Shutdown Means for Nonprofits (from the Smart Giving Matters blog)

 Do Congressional Salary Givebacks Add Insult to Injury?

Oklahoma nonprofits brace for ripple effects of federal shutdown

As the nation and the world are doing, the U.S. nonprofit sector also watches eagerly as the October 17 deadline for increasing the U.S. debt limit looms; especially amid Congress's continued apparent indifference to their own inability to work together or compromise.  Since they are not working together, the possibility of a federal debt default is slowly steadily increasing daily, and threatening the U.S. and global financial markets.

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