Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Public Broadcasting System Offering Prime Time, Limited Television Series, National Television Show Development Grant

From The Foundation Center...

"Deadline: August 1, 2013

"Public Broadcasting System Seeks Applications for Program Challenge Fund

"The Public Broadcasting System, in partnership with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), is accepting applications for the production of high-profile, prime time, limited series for its national television schedule.

"Program Challenge Fund grants will be awarded to support the development of high-visibility, high-impact, limited series that offer a definitive take on a subject or break new ground in popular public-service media. Award amounts are subject to approval by CPB based on the project's budget.

"The fund does not provide support for children's programming; fitness, travel, or how-to programs; or finishing expenses.

"PBS and CPB expect a successful Program Challenge Fund program to be the highlight of a given season's schedule, have the potential to generate publicity, and attract new audiences to PBS broadcast and online content.

"Any station, person, or entity may apply.

"For eligibility and application guidelines, see the CPB Web site."

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