Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grants for American Nonprofit Environmental, Education, Human Services, Disaster Relief Projects, and More

From The Foundation Center...

[If you are interested in this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this blog post for more information].

"Deadline: Rolling (April 30, November 1)

"Lawrence Foundation Accepting Proposals for Environmental, Education, Human Services Projects

"The Lawrence Foundation awards grants in support of the environment, education, human services, disaster relief, and other causes.

"The foundation awards both program and operating grants with no geographic restrictions to nonprofit organizations that qualify for tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as public schools and libraries.

"International charitable organizations, private foundations, for-profit businesses, individuals, churches, and religious, charter, and magnet schools are not eligible for grants from the foundation.
In addition, grants not awarded for computer or audiovisual equipment purchases or for music or garden programs (or related equipment). Also ineligible for funding are programs and equipment for physical education, recreation, theater performance, hospices or old age homes, political lobbying activities, and voter registration, as well as dinners, balls, and other ticketed events."

To determine whether your organization is eligible for this grant "... and application guidelines as well as a list of previous grant recipients, visit the Lawrence Foundation Web site."

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