Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yes, This Blog's Appearance Was Garish Orange Last Week

Seeking Grant Money Today has a new look.  It is a work in progress, for now, but is also soon to be completely revamped and updated. 

There are, right now, a few key tools that I have provided you with for years that I have yet to add back to this new template (i.e. Blog Roll and Recommended Web Resources).  These will be returning to this blog. 

Similarly, there are directions in some of my older posts that suggest that the reader look to the right or left, etc. for recommended content (that was a static part of this blog's former margins).  As those items have been relocated on this new blog template, or have yet to get added back in, those directions will be updated in due course, as well.

As a final example of why I've updated the look of this blog, I want to say that by virtue of  how long I've been writing it (since 2004) I've amassed quite a number of blog Labels (see the tag cloud to the lower right as it exists for now).  If, though, I'm being honest - the truth is I just haven't paid attention to the large number of tags I've created.  For ease of use I am going to trim the fat there, shortly.

My goal in updating the blog was two-fold: to make it easier for the reader to be able to benefit from it and to update and modernize the feeling of the site.  I think I've achieved both.  That garish orange was actually in not too long ago but its time has passed.

I would be grateful for constructive feedback (if you will also please keep in mind that this is not the finished product) beginning from this moment, through my fine tuning this blog's appearance, layout, and utility for you, the reader.

Without you, this blog is pointless.  So, I truly hope that the new layout (especially when it is ultimately finalized) and the look are an improvement for your experience, here.  Feel free to let me know, as you use it now, your reactions and suggestions.

As always, thank you for reading, and please do look forward to more professional, nonprofit, best practices information here (but in an easier color scheme and a refined user interface).


radiolemma said...

Love the new look, and more importantly, thank you for all the fantastic helpful info too! As a very new grant writer I feel sure I've already got an edge simply by discovering your blog early on in my career. I'm taking some of the Foundation Center's courses in proposal writing now due in good part to your recommendations. Can't thank you enough!

Arlene M. Spencer said...

Thank you for the feedback on the new look of the blog! I am so pleased to hear that it's been so helpful to you and best of luck in your new Foundation Center classes and career! I can't wait to learn of your successes! Best, Arlene