Monday, February 06, 2012

A Look At Susan G. Komen's Experience After the Backlash Causes Them to Reconsider Pulling Their Grants for Planned Parenthood

This is an excellent lesson in the anatomy of a nonprofit's public relations and marketing nightmare after its leadership makes decisions based on anything other than the organization's mission statement and current programmatic and organizational goals.  How can a nonprofit avoid this?  Educate your board in current, professional, nonprofit, best practices; conduct regular strategic planning based on real programs' outcomes and current beneficiaries unmet needs related to your mission; remove stalwart or 'overly dominant' leadership and replace them with proactively recruited talent and successes as needed; and require that all organizational decisions be made based on the mission and current organizational goals.

The fall out of Susan G. Komen's 2012 decision to make a political stand (on whether or not it would support Planned Parenthood's breast exam program) has indeed caused waves (it is after this snafu less support by the public; its reputation among all former, current, and potential new supporters is damaged; and its internal changes are both signs of good change but signs, too, of upheaval) and the news items describing these repercussions ("waves") are listed, here, with the most recent news about it at the top through to the older, listed at the bottom:

Komen's Past and Current Challenges Confront Its New Leaders

A 64% Raise For Komen Founder and - Wait!  Is She Still the CEO? (May 8, 2013: This is a terribly interesting unexpected turn of events, if not simply an excellent question given what the public understood Susan G. Komen organization's intentions were after the backlash - which leaves supporters and potential supporters wondering yet again - what the Hell is going on at Susan G. Komen).

Komen, Planned Parenthood say lessons learned from funding dust-up

How Planned Parenthood Is "Like the Mafia"... Or Not

Ex-Komen official blasts 'Bullyhood'

Ex-Komen VP Karen Handel is Writing A Memoir Called Planned Bullyhood

Planned Parenthood Puts Donations from Komen Skirmish To Use

Komen founder to step down as chief executive

Chief Fundraiser Leaves Susan G. Komen

 Fewer People Registering for Susan G. Komen Races

Komen's Brand Equity Plummets According to Harris Poll: What Other Changes Are Afoot?

Calls Grow For Leader of Komen To Step Down

Insight: Komen charity under microscope for funding, science

Komen  exec quits over Planned Parenthood flap

Komen Caught Pink Handed But What Else Don't We Know?

Susan G. Komen Foundation revises policy that barred Planned Parenthood funding

A Cancer Survivor On Susan G. Komen

Amid Komen flap a frantic 24 hours for agencies in Twin Cities

Komen reversal on Planned Parenthood doesn't end controversy

Democrats laud, GOP laments Susan G. Komen reversal

Komen: Collateral Damage Assessments Made On the Fly

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