Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Contemporary Articles Discussing Findings Proving the Widening U.S. Class Disparity

 "Poll Finds Class Tension On Steep Rise, Especially Among Young Adults" by Ruth McCambridge

"The Rise and Consequences of Inequality in the United States" by Alan B. Krueger Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers January 12, 2012  

As the introduction to his paper explains:
"...The topic I will address today is inequality.  As you may know, I am a labor economist.  Labor economics is the study of work and pay  It occurred to me that the field of labor economics can also be described as an attempt to understand inequalities related tot he job market.

"...My theme in this talk is that the rise in inequality in the United States over the last three decades has reached the point that inequality in incomes is causing an unhealthy division in opportunities, and is a threat to our economic growth."

"Report Finds King's "Dream" Looks Bleak Unless New Alliances Converge" by Ruth McCambridge

Specific to the nonprofit sector - this article discusses a recent study's findings indicating what the nonprofit sector could do to more closely approximate the goals of Dr. King's Dream.

Added January 25, 2012:

Prominent Conservatives Join Liberals in Expressing Income Gap Concerns

George Soros On the Coming U.S. Class War

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