Monday, January 30, 2012

National Council of Nonprofits Declares 2012 the Year of the Nonprofit Video - Why Take Note? See...

The National Council of Nonprofits has called 2012 'The Year of Nonprofit Video' - See Nonprofit Knowledge Matters 2012 - Year of Nonprofit Video

Crowd sourcing is a recently popular mode to raise funds online in which many different nonprofits describe themselves to the public (who votes for which organization should receive a grant) and often the organizations describe themselves through the medium of video.  In recent years Pepsi has offered nonprofits the chance to do this.  My thought on crowd sourcing?  It is not good fundraising for any nonprofit.  For more on my thoughts on this see Is Crowd Sourcing A Viable and Sustainable Way for Nonprofits To Raise and Retain Support?  No.

Specific to the web and grants, for nonprofits, see my post How Your Nonprofit's Website Can Increase the Grants Your Organization Raises

Have you never seen a webinar or online video (it's alright to admit it - not everyone has), or are you not clear  how an online video would help any nonprofit?  Then see You Tube's (the per-eminent location online for all web video - including nonprofit organizations' videos (fundraising or otherwise)) free, one minute and fifteen second You Tube video explaining what a web video can do for nonprofits at The You Tube Nonprofit Program

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