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Fund Offering Support Efforts Building Nuclear Weapons-Free World

From The Foundation Center...

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Deadline: March 15, 2012

Ploughshares Fund Offers Support for Efforts to Build Nuclear Weapons-Free World

The Ploughshares Fund, one of the largest foundations in the world focused exclusively on nuclear policy, supports organizations and individuals working to build a safe, secure, nuclear weapons-free world.

The fund seeks to support the most promising efforts to realize the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons, including projects that:

Promote the elimination of nuclear weapons. Funded projects will work to build consensus among world leaders to create a global norm against nuclear weapons, increase the momentum toward zero, and take concrete steps to limit and reduce current arsenals.

Prevent the emergence of new nuclear states. Projects in this category must be focused on Iran and North Korea, the two most significant threats to global nonproliferation. The fund seeks to support efforts to promote effective diplomacy and engagement grounded in well-informed and strategic analysis. The fund is investing significant resources over the next year on a special Iran campaign that will promote non-military solutions.

Build regional peace and security. Funding will be provided to support fact-finding missions, on-the-ground analysis, high-level dialogue, confidence-building measures, policy advocacy, and media outreach to advance the transformation of conflicts in South and Southwest Asia.

The fund also amplifies and coordinates the work of its grantees to develop winning strategies that advance the vision of a nuclear-weapons free world; bring together experts, analysts, lobbyists, and activists to create and win shared campaigns; build a bipartisan legislative consensus for eliminating nuclear weapons; and expand the public's knowledge and catalyze public support for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

The fund places very few restrictions or geographical limitations on its grantmaking. The fund provides support for direct lobbying programs and makes grants to individuals.

The fund does not support the production of films, videos, books, or the research and writing of academic dissertations.

The fund's board of directors meets three times a year to award grants. Fund staff may also consider requests for emergency funding on a discretionary basis.

The next deadline for proposals is March 15, 2012.

Visit the Ploughshares Fund Web site for complete information on funding priorities, application guidelines, and a database of previously awarded grants.

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