Monday, October 31, 2011

What Are The Typical Different Fundraising Methods Nonnprofits Use To Raise Support? See...

For more information on any one of the following fundraising methods, use the Search field (upper left hand corner of this web page) or look under Labels (to the right) for the topic title (or look under the How To Label).

Different But Very Common Methods of Fundraising:

What Grant Writing Is and What It Is Not

Newsletters Allow Nonprofits Repeat Access To Donors and Volunteers...And More...

Write An Annual Appeal Letter to Raise Relatively Quick Funds

About Bequests And Their Unique Fundraising, & What They Are, & How A Nonprofit Can Begin A Bequests Campaign

A Complete Primer On What Capital Campaigns Are, How They Work, How To Fundraise For One, And How To Specifically Apply For Grants For A Capital Campaign

What Are Leadership Donations?

Getting Major Donors To Contribute Large Regular Donations Can Stabilize Cash Flow

Is Crowd Sourcing A Viable Sustainable Way for Nonprofits To Raise Funds...

All About Sponsors and Sponsorships...

What Are Endowments Or Endowment Funds And Does Our Nonprofit Need One?

Raising donations through your nonprofit's website
Cash Donations (Individuals and Corporations)
Services for Fees (i.e. Sliding Scale Fees or Ability to Pay Scale)
Fundraising Events
Educational Programs for Fees
Selling donated items (i.e. In Kind donations), etc. for profit in a retail store or online
Becoming a United Way agency
Require Annual Minimum Board Member Donations
Working with another organization on a specific program/project and sharing the costs and donations
Employee Giving Programs (i.e. corporate employees' regular contributions)
Employee Matching Gifts (i.e. a donor's employer matches each of its employees' donations)
House Parties

Keep in mind that many medium size nonprofits, as well as large ones, conduct all and more of the above fundraising methods, over the course of a year, smaller ones a combination of two or three.  In order for a nonprofit to have continual cash flow, it must be fundraising regularly, all year long.

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