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Grants for United States Nonprofits Empowering Older Adults

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Deadline: March 4, 2011

National Community Reinvestment Coalition Invites Grant Proposals for Initiative to Empower Older Adults

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition, (NCRC) with support from Atlantic Philanthropies, has announced its 2011 Request for Proposals for National Neighbors Silver, an initiative to support and empower older adults across the United States.

In line with NCRC's mission to increase fair and equal access to credit, capital, and banking services in under-served communities, National Neighbors Silver is designed to specifically address the problems of older adults in America who are facing financial insecurity due to historically high rates of home foreclosure and unemployment.

The program will bring community, public, and private-sector partners together utilizing structured, neighborhood-focused outreach, education, and advocacy to benefit older adults. The National Neighbors Silver grant will fund regional advocacy networks, facilitated by local organizers. NCRC will select five organizations over three funding cycles, for a total of fifteen organizations. Each funding cycle for this program will last three years.

Grantees will bring the goals of inclusion, opportunity, economic stability, and empowerment to their region's older adult population through the following activities: 1) creation of an organizing network to engage and activate older adults, along with the general public, to build power and promote key policy initiatives; 2) education of a task force of community practitioners on issues effecting older adults; 3) minimization and discouragement of discrimination and predatory practices that weaken the financial security of older adults; and 4) preservation of the wealth of older adults and their primary financial assets — their homes — through strengthened home ownership, enhanced home equity, and improved foreclosure prevention programming.

The program will provide $37,500 in year one, $30,000 in year two, and in-kind support in year three. Grantees must provide $10,000 in matching funds in year one, $17,500 in matching funds in year two, and $47,500 in funding for year three. Preference will be given to applicants who include a Letter of Interest for the first-year $10,000 match. This match can be provided by the grantee's organization or from an outside funding group, collaborative, or other nonprofit.

Applicants must be nonprofit corporations or advocacy organizations with proof of 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status, and members of NCRC at the time the grant proposal is submitted. (For information about becoming a member, visit:

Visit the NCRC Web site for program information and the complete Request for Proposals.

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