Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grants for Safe and Vital Communities for: Tolerance, Economic Empowerment, Teen Safe Driving, and Domestic Violence Programs

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Deadline: March 11, 2011

Allstate Foundation Invites Applications for 2011 Grant Program

The Allstate Foundation, which provides funding in communities across the United States to address key social issues, is accepting applications for the first round of its 2011 regional grant cycle.

Grants are available for both new and renewal projects that fall under the foundation's grantmaking focus areas: safe and vital communities; tolerance, inclusion, and diversity; and economic empowerment.

Safe and Vital Communities: The foundation is dedicated to fostering safe and vital communities that are economically strong, crime-free, and give residents a sense of belonging and commitment. Safe and Vital Communities funding priorities include teen safe driving, catastrophe response, and neighborhood revitalization.

Tolerance, Inclusion, and Diversity: The foundation is committed to programs that bring tolerance, inclusion, and value to people of all backgrounds regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, or physical challenges. Tolerance, inclusion, and diversity funding priorities include teaching tolerance to youth to help foster a generation free of bias and intolerance, and alleviating discrimination by encouraging communities to be free of prejudice.

Economic Empowerment: The foundation is committed to empowering Americans with the economic resources and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their financial future. Economic empowerment funding priorities include helping domestic violence survivors build their financial security, and increasing Americans' financial and economic literacy.

A majority of foundation funding is dedicated to the foundation's two signature issues — teen safe driving and domestic violence. Teen safe driving grants support programs to make smart driving socially acceptable to teens by changing the way teens think and act in a car as a driver or passenger. Domestic violence grants fund programs that use financial education, job training, matched savings, and other economic empowerment tools to help domestic violence survivors build their financial independence as a way to get free and stay free from violence.

The Allstate Foundation also offers specialized grant programs to state and local domestic violence organizations.

Applicants must be a United States-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, or a municipal, state, or federal government entity.

Visit the Allstate Web site for complete funding guidelines, online application form, and an FAQ.

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