Sunday, January 02, 2011

Top Ten How To Improve Your Nonprofit's Fundraising This New Year

Happy, healthy, and prosperous new year to you and the nonprofit organization that you work for!  What nonprofit couldn't fine tune, improve, and increase its fundraising and fundraising successes?  In this spirit, I'm listing the top ten posts providing explicit information on the following fundraising methods and best practices:

10.) How Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Can Be Successful in the Coming Fiscal Year

9.) The Foundation Center Now Provides a Free Website That Teaches How to Do Grant Writing

8.) How Networking Can Be One of (If Not The) Most Important Modes for A Nonprofit to Obtain Its Goal (Any Goal)

7.) All About Sponsors and Sponsorships As Donors and a Fundraising Method

6.) One Way to Remedy Fundraising Jitters Is To Have Reasons To Feel Confident About the (Organization's) Potential to Succeed, and Here's How

5.) How To Request Any Support: A Donation, A Grant, Etc.: By Making A Compelling Case to Support Your Organization

4.) How Any Nonprofit Can Raise More Support, Acquire the Best Talent, Strive, and Grow

3.) How To Use Marketing Affordably To Increase A Nonprofit's Numbers of New Grant Donors

2.) A Compilation of Posts Explaining How to Plan For and Begin Grant Writing for Your Organization

1.) Tips for the Nonprofit Applying Again to One of Its Past Grant Donors

Best wishes to you and the organization you work with!

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