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Grants for Marine Microbiology and Marine Microbial Ecology Research

From The Foundation Center...

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Deadline: November 8, 2010 (Idea Summary)

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Announces Request for Ideas for Marine Microbiology Initiative

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation's (GBMF) Marine Microbiology Initiative (MMI) has supported research in marine microbiology and marine microbial ecology since 2004. Building on advances in the field, the initiative is preparing to enter its next phase and is seeking input from the international scientific community to identify the most promising opportunities where a strategic, focused effort over the next five years will help to break open "black boxes" in the field and take understanding of marine microbial communities to a new level.

The goal for the next phase of the initiative is to target research on the specific functional roles of microbial community members, functional relationships within microbial communities, and the environmental parameters that affect both microbial community structure and function.

The foundation has issued a Request for Ideas seeking the research community's most creative ideas to initiate the process. While the emphasis during MMI's second phase will remain on marine systems, submissions of ideas using other microbial systems that would contribute to furthering knowledge in the marine field are welcome.

Submitters must be employed at an institution with a track record of externally funded research, have a demonstrated ability to carry out independent research, and a strong publication record in top-tier peer-reviewed journals. Researchers from any country may submit an idea summary. As the idea summary is not a pre-proposal or proposal, institutional approval is not needed at this stage. Institutional approval will be required, however, if the idea is chosen as a topic to be developed into a full proposal at a later date. Thus, the submitter must have an institutional appointment that permits him or her to submit proposals.

Researchers interested in contributing an RFI for consideration should submit a two-page idea summary by November 8, 2010.

Visit the GBMF Web site for complete program information, the RFI, submission procedures, and an FAQ.

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