Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Few Very Good Free Grant Resources, Professional Advice Resources, and Also Job Seeking Resources

Some suggested resources considered standards in American philanthropy that are just good for any professional working in the nonprofit sector and professional fundraising of any kind to know about:

The Foundation Center's Philanthropy New Digest - Jobs: The Foundation Center is one of the preeminent sites, online, for any nonprofit seeking grants.  Available professional nonprofit jobs across the United States and the world are posted, here.  Notice, too, that you can (on their web page) sign up to receive the updated (weekly or daily) jobs list through e-mail or as an RSS Feed.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy Jobs: Again, another very well regarded and quality resource in America's nonprofit sector, The Chronicle of Philanthropy offers a job search tool for nonprofit sector professional positions open anywhere in the United States or the world.

The Foundation Center's Philanthropy News Digest Request For Proposals: Wishing you could get a good comprehensive list of what non-federal grants are being offered to nonprofits (by public and private grant donors of different kinds, to fund various different fields, for various different types of projects and programs) in a handy dandy e-mail weekly (or daily)?  Well, you can, for free.  This web page lists the grants currently available or more recently offered, and you can also sign up on this web page for either a regular e-mail with current listings, or you can sign up for their RSS Feed.

United States of America's federal grants: If the U.S. federal government is offering a grant (in any field for any type of work that they are funding) you will be able to find the grant, here.  Notice that they provide a free tutorial to educate the user as to how to best search and locate the grant opportunity they are seeking.  Also, through this web page, you can sign up for regular e-mails listing what federal grants are newly or currently available.

The Foundation Center's Philanthropy News Digest Talk (public forum): Sometimes it's nice to be able to either read what other professionals in the nonprofit grant writing or other kinds of fundraising worlds are either discussing, asking questions about, or hearing back in response to their questions.  Also, you can post a question (for free) and hear back from some very accomplished, well regarded, and knowledgeable pros in our field, here.  Usually, you'll receive a response to a question within about two to four hours, maximum.


Bukie said...

Nice collection here. I'll be sharing this with my clients!


Phil said...

Thanks for provided this great grant information!

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