Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grants to Halt Lion Populations' Decline & To Restore Populations

From The Foundation Center...

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National Geographic Society Announces Big Cat Grant Opportunity

As the first goal of its recently launched Big Cats Initiative, the National Geographic Society seeks to halt lion population declines by the year 2015 and to restore lion populations to sustainable levels. The society has announced that it will provide grants in support of programs working toward these goals.
Grants will be provided for innovative projects that promise quick results for saving lions, anti-poaching programs, projects that test new technology, educational projects focused on community, and projects that establish economic incentives for local people to work toward the long-term survival of lions.
Emergency grants, such as the one made in 2008 by National Geographic to the Maasailand Preservation Trust in support of its Predator Compensation Fund, will also be considered. Potential applicants must first complete a pre-application form on the Big Cats Initiative Web site. Visit the Big Cats site for further information and program updates.
Link to Complete RFP

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