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How This Blog Can Help Your Nonprofit To Raise Grant Money

I will tell you how to raise grant money, as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Successfully raising grant money now, and again later, has everything to do with any nonprofit doing certain things before beginning grant writing, doing certain things while doing the grant writing work (over and over again); and any nonprofit must also operate within certain parameters, as an organization (which also enhances all of the other forms of fundraising that the nonprofit is conducting in tandem with grant writing). The post, Fundraising, Grant Writing, Mission-Success, Community Building; It's All the Same will explain these specific points.

In general, though, to understand how to truly raise grants it can be confusing. I know that (especially in this depressed economy) there are tons of websites, books, TV commercials, radio ads, entire blogs, podcasts, and more dedicated to inform about how to raise grants. Many are really genuinely written with current, professional, ethical, effective, tried and proven, and practical information to share with the consumer. Others, though, are...frankly, sharing questionable information (at best) and in some cases they're peddling pure crap. As with all things that have to do with money, it is prudent to be skeptical of any information one receives about 'how to raise grant money' (or any money) until the information proves to you that it bears out. It will prove to you its authenticity when you hear the same thing from other reputable sources, when it sounds (in your gut) that its logical and sound, and when the information provided seems logical, plausible, and honest. Your gut is probably the best barometer, but remember, it never hurts to pick up the phone and speak to a professional at a reputable and well established nonprofit and ask them for a ten minute informational interview and ask them for their recommendations. See how the advice you received stacks up.

This blog, Seeking Grant Money Today, is also a wealth of excellent free information and recommended resources.

This blog provides excellent, tried and proven, professional, ethical, actual information, suggestions (such as resources to learn from), and real world examples from the contemporary nonprofit sector about not just how to raise grants but also other nonprofit operations such as leadership, board work, other fundraising methods besides grant writing, and more.

On this blog's web page, if you look to the lower right hand side of the web page (cursor down and look right) you will see the header "Labels". Under the header is a list of topics. The list of Labels is an index of all of the blog posts, here in this blog, labeled according to each blog post's topic or subject. So, in other words, the Labels list is really an index of everything covered in this blog. Look down it and see if there's information, besides what got you here, that we provide (for free) that you are wanting to further understand.

You can also look on the left hand side of this blog's web page and see (in the left side margin) the headers, "Recommended Links" in the middle, and "My Blog List". Under each of these headers are other websites. I personally recommend them as excellent references for anyone doing research for any aspect of nonprofit operations. Under "Recommended Links" there are links to our web store complete with some of the best books (standards) in the professional nonprofit sector, our Twitter and, Facebook pages, and our consulting firm's web page. There are also listed three excellent, well known, reputable, and informative nonprofit resources online. I recommend that you consider The Chronicle of Philanthropy, The Foundation Center, and as excellent resources.

Finally, here are a few of the most viewed blog posts from this blog. You may find one or two of them helpful. If these aren't pertinent, though, to what you need, definitely look at the index of topics, to the lower right hand side of this blog's web page for what you're needing.

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