Monday, October 26, 2009

For Current Insights Into What Is Motivating Major Donors To Give Large Donations, Now, See This Free Webinar Transcript

This past Thursday I sat in on The Chronicle of Philanthropy's free webinar, "What Makes A Donor Give A Fortune" (which, handily, only required that participants could log onto their website to participate). The speakers were two active philanthropists who have planned out their wealth and future wealth so that they could give before they passed and have been for years. They answered the participating audience's questions and the two moderators' questions. The benefit of listening to a panel of wealthy donors is to understand what motivates them to give, what they are looking for in the nonprofits that they donate to, and any other questions that are asked.

You, too, can read the transcript for free, now, at if you toggle down the page and in the "Conversation With A Major Donor..." text box at the bottom of the page, click on the right pointing sideways arrow ('play' arrow) in the box. This will prompt the text to appear and you can read from top to bottom.

This particular webinar was well attended and between the participants' and moderators' questions the topics covered ranged from how a start up nonprofit can get funded to what the passion is that causes people to organize their wealth and begin to give (either as individuals or even as a family foundation). Also, there are a wealth of great suggested web resources and their links included, too.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
does a beautiful job of listing all of their previous webinars that anyone can access afterward, for free. To read down the list of conversations that they have held before, and to also see what discussions are coming next (which you could certainly participate in for free, if you wish), go to

The Chronicle of Philanthropy's next free webinars are listed to happen on October 27, October 29, November 3, and November 12. As more follow these dates, they will be listed, too, at the "live" URL above. Not only are these a great opportunity to get current happenings, thoughts, and best practices; they are a terrific free tool to learn; and they allow any participant to ask questions. I can't recommend them enough.

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