Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Focus On the Economic Crisis" Web Page to Keep Us Nonprofits Up to Date

The Foundation Center created an entire web page, Focus On the Economic Crisis, dedicated to the current economic crisis as it relates to raising grants, nonprofits, and others seeking grant money. The page provides information such as grants distributed by American foundations, by state; how nonprofits can acquire American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) dollars, by state; suggested tried and true methods to raise funds in this economy by experts working for nonprofits today; the latest nonprofit sector news (regarding funding and grant raising); and more. The web page is unique in that it reportedly provides information (such as the number of emergency grants donated per state) in real time.

Not only is the information extremely pertinent to all nonprofits, regardless of size, cause, geographic location, etc.; the information provided allows nonprofit managers, directors, and board members to keep up on what the economic situation is right this moment, day to day, but also it allows leaders to find professional best practices, resources, and grant leads that are each solutions for today's nonprofit economic difficulties.

You are able to follow their economic updates on Twitter. For those nonprofits not yet on Twitter, I'd research it, and consider including it in your organization's social media policy within your public relations and marketing plan. Twitter can be both an excellent free marketing tool for any organization but it is also a terrific way to both network and be kept up to date on the latest in your sector and professional field. I'd recommend that you "follow" this page on Twitter (which is jargon that means 'subscribing' to the Foundation Center's Twitter account). The button to follow them (for free) is at the top of the web page.

If you do look over this new web page or if you do follow them on Twitter, please let me know your thoughts on the content. Is there anything missing from their page that you'd like to see? Let them know, too. They will be glad to remain pertinent to us, the nonprofit sector.

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