Sunday, December 14, 2008

Basic Grant Writing 101 Information and Other Ideas To Survive This Tough Economy, Nonprofits...

In this post we are going to sort of provide a Top 10 List of the most recent critical posts that were written to help nonprofits during this exceptional economy. One of my greatest nonprofit employers just closed this week, having merged with a similar nonprofit in Seattle. While the decision was made in a tough economy and as an option to continue to support their mission; it is an example of what real nonprofits (of all sizes and fundraising abilities) are facing today. We are very sensitive to these times and are eager to help...

For help getting educated in best practices, nonprofit professionalism, standards, etc. see:

The Foundation Center Now Offers Free Website That Teaches How To Do Grant Writing

Places, Resources, And Ways To Learn Everything From Fundraising to Other Nonprofit Operations (Some Are Free)

Some Free Resources

We Need Money For Our 501(c)(3) What Is the Grant Seeking Process?

Our most recent posts, designed as free consultations to help out in these tough times, were:

A Few Excellent Suggestions For Nonprofits To Survive These Uncertain Economic Times;

What Can We Nonprofits Do In This Uncertain Economy?;

Write An Annual Appeal Letter To Raise Relatively Quick Funds;

Getting Major Donors To Donate Large Regular Donations Can Stabilize Cash Flow;

Another Free Nonprofit Fundraising Consultation To Help During These Tough Economic Times;

Top Ten Ways To Take That Nonprofit's Fundraising To The Next Level; and

Free Nonprofit Fundraising, Software, And Outreach Options.

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