Wednesday, December 12, 2007 Launches - A Site for the Public to Review and Share Their Non Profit Experiences

We have the first "Zagats-like" Guide to nonprofits, GreatNonprofits launched a new site with consumer reviews about nonprofits to help people find worthy nonprofits.

(Dec 10)San Francisco, CA- This season, donors who are looking for worthy non profits to give to or volunteer for have a new site where they can checkout reviews of the nonprofits by people who have had a direct experience with it.

The site,, harnesses the Internet's ability to aggregate user-generated content and follows the model of restaurant, movie and product reviews made popular by Zagats, Amazon and Epinions.

"People interested in giving or volunteering can now read reviews of non profits submitted by real people who have seen first hand the results. This will help people make giving or volunteering decisions," says Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits.

"It is a bold step forward for philanthropy."Users on the site can browse hundreds of profiles and reviews of nonprofits and write their own reviews of nonprofits they have interacted with."The consumer review sites have helped tens of millions of shoppers make better buying decisions. Informed consumers shop more in aggregate," says Naval Ravikant, GreatNonprofits advisory board member and founder of Epinions.

"Similarly, GreatNonprofits, by giving authentic, unbiased reviews will create greater trust and faith in charities, and increase the level of giving overall."At, donors can read personal stories, see photos, and videos showing how people have volunteered with, worked with, donated to, or benefited from the work of nonprofits. Pittsburgh is the first city to participate in the pilot.

Through the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership, over 300 nonprofits are participating. Reviews of nonprofits have been written by people who have volunteered, who have donated or who have benefited from a non profit's services.

Says Vivien Luk of The Forbes Funds, "We see GreatNonprofits as a way to connect the public with services provided by our local nonprofits and to better connect nonprofits with each other. This is also a great way to increase donations and volunteerism for our local nonprofits.

Ni says that GreatNonprofits complements other sites where people go to research nonprofits, such as Guidestar. "GreatNonprofits provides people with subjective, personal reviews– it's a complement to sites which publish data about nonprofits."

For Further Information: Contact 415-902-2659 or
perlani at greatnonprofits dot org


perlani said...

Thanks Arlene! I hope your readers will take advantage of this site make visible to the larger world the impact that they are having.

Christopher_Scott said...

Hi Arlene,

I wanted to let you know about the Nonprofit December Giving Carnival. Deadline to submit your post is Dec. 20th.

Here is the link,

Let me know if you have any questions.

Christopher S.