Monday, December 17, 2007

Grants for Community Revitalization Via Production, Preservation, Or Financing of Low to Moderate Income Housing Units

Home Depot Foundation Offers Support for Affordable Housing Programs

Deadline: March 1, 2008 (Letter of Inquiry)

The Home Depot Foundation ( ) is dedicated to creating healthy, livable communities through the integration of affordable housing built responsibly, as well as the preservation and restoration of community trees.

The foundation makes grants to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charities in the United States and to charitable organizations in Canada. The foundation awards most of its grants by directly soliciting proposals from high-performing nonprofit organizations with the demonstrated ability to create strong partnerships, impact multiple communities, and leverage grant resources. In order to identify potential future nonprofit partners and/or respond to unique community revitalization opportunities, a limited amount of funding is set aside to be awarded through a competitive process. Preference is given to proposals that include community engagement resulting in the production, preservation, or financing of housing units for low- to moderate-income families that address as many of the following considerations as possible: resource efficiency in design, construction, and operations; minimization of the depletion of natural resources, including timber and water; landscape features such as trees and shrubs that minimize demand for water and synthetic chemicals and reduce the "heat island" effect; reduction of maintenance costs through the use of innovative and durable materials; the use of environmentally friendly building materials; site planning with minimal environmental impact; use of energy-efficient and renewable technologies; improvement of indoor air quality, including moisture control and proper ventilation; and smart site planning and land use.

Complete program information, an FAQ, and an eligibility test are available at the foundation's Web site. RFP Link:


Emrys said...

Dear Arlene:
I'm a member of a small village in upstate NY. Our church is considering acquiring a property that has a host of trailer homes devastated by a flood two years ago. We would take the property with intent to remove the trailers and make a walking/skating/arboretum park. However, we don't have the money to do it ourselves--we'd need to find grants to cover the $40,000-$60,000 price tag for demolition of the trailers. Any thoughts on where to find such grants?
emrys tyler

Arlene M. Spencer said...

Dear Emrys,
Hello, thanks for reading, and for commenting! It sounds like you folks have some great ambitions for the community's enjoyment!

I wrote a post called "Some Free Resources" at:

I encourage you to get started in your search for grants by reading it. Be sure to read suggestions numbered: 1, 6, 7, 9, and 10. There are many other posts in my blog that are great for starting in grant writing; you can see an index of the topics I've written on by clicking on any one of the months/years listed on the blog (to the left) under "Archives". A list of tags (topics) will come up. Read down the list and click on any pertinent topic or info that you need.

Good luck in your important work!