Monday, November 19, 2007

From NAMM - Five New Grant Initiatives for Music Makers, Research in Health and Music, Music Education, and More...

From The Foundation Center...

NAMM Foundation Announces New Grant Initiatives for Music Makers and Researchers

Deadline: Different for each grant initiative, below.

The NAMM Foundation ( ), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing active participation in music making by people of all ages, has announced its 2008 Request for Proposals initiative.

The foundation is accepting proposals for the following five initiatives:

_ Disney's High School Musical: The Music in You Grant Program will award ten public middle and high schools a grant of $5,000 each and license to put on their own school stage production of Disney's "High School Musical." (Deadline: November 30, 2007.)

_ The Sounds of Living: The Impact of Music Making initiative will support research that examines the role of active participation in music for children, youth, adults, and seniors. Research funded under the initiative explores the effects of music learning and music making outside of formal educational settings and expands the understanding of the role of music making in health, wellness, socialization, and the inter-connections between mind, body, and spirit that contribute to wellness and overall quality of life. (Deadline: January 2, 2008.)

_ Program Grants support innovative music learning programs from nonprofit public service organizations that reach new audiences with new protocols, and that further the NAMM Foundation's mission of creating more active music makers of all ages. (Deadline: January 4, 2008.)

_ The Sounds of Learning: The Impact of Music Education initiative supports research that examines the role of music education in the lives of school-age children. (Deadline: January 15, 2008.)

_ Scientific Grants support leading researchers and research teams in the fields of music research, neuroscience, psychology, education, and/or health-related fields to explore the effects of hands-on music making. (Deadline: January 15, 2008.)

Applicants may only apply to one program.

For detailed information about the programs, eligibility restrictions, and application procedures, visit the NAMM Foundation Web site. RFP Link:


Desiree M. Gress said...

I am the administrator of a 120 bed Assisted Living Facility in the heart of Pittsburgh. We are a 501c3 church affiliated organization. We recently went "smoke free" and as part of our health and wellness initiative we are building a fitness center on our lower level. Does anyone know of any grant monies out there that could help us purchase equipment for the center for our seniors.

Arlene M. Spencer said...

Thank you for posting your question and for your important work for those in need of assistance.

The Foundation Center provides excellent, comprehensive, up to date listings of grant donors and the database is searchable according to many attributes, one being the causes that they fund.

I recommend that you locate a public library, near you, that has the Foundation Center's Foundation Directory Cooperating Collection. The Foundation Center offers the same database for a price, on their site (, but the Cooperating Collections at public libraries around the US are available to the public for free! Check for a location near you on:

Good luck in your important work!