Monday, October 08, 2007

REMINDER: Join Us In Our Group Blog About Philanthropy! The Deadline Remains October 15th...

Read all of the information and details in my post, Come Blog About Philanthropy With Us

Do join us! We'd love to hear your thoughts!

You have a week left!

For the October, 2007 Giving Carnival (group blog session) I am considering that it is often stated that 'relationships are everything' in philanthropy. The topic for this Giving Carnival is... Are relationships "everything" in philanthropy, today?

By next Monday either post a response on your blog to this Giving Carnival question and email me the direct link, or post a Comment on my blog with your response, or email me a response to this question (at aspencer at thegrantplant dot com) and I will post your response along with all of the other respondents on October 15th. Be sure to check back to read others' responses. We want to generate dialogue and community online, amongst those working in philanthropy in different capacities.

Get back to me by next Monday!

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