Monday, October 29, 2007

New Free Nonprofit Capacity Building Resource:!

From the Seattle based Non Profit Networking list serve, posted on October 23, 2007:

"If you haven't visited recently please come by. About
50,000 do each month, to take advantage of over over 2167 resources
in 120+ categories selected to support nonprofit capacity. There are
now over 2700 site members with the ability to add and reviewing

" recently added a new Fiscal Agency Section in the
Organizational Management & Development category to help socially
responsible projects that don't 501c3 status. Capaciteria also added
a couple of hundred new resources (links, articles and books) in
these categories:
- Performance, Metrics & Evaluation Category
- Community Stakeholder Management
- Volunteerism
- Marketing Research
- Revenue Generation & Sustainability
- Governance
- Advocacy
- Etc..

"There is more being added weekly in order to make Capaciteria that
much more useful to nonprofits...
As you all know Nonprofit capacity support is a critical issue, and
like all mission-based issues nonprofits deal with, resolving the
problem has two major components. One involves tangible resourcing.
The other involves useful *information* to help nonprofits make
better decisions just as they assist their own constituencies as part
of their mission work. Both solutions, resourcing and information,
are equally important -- Capaciteria is a *FREE* resource designed to
help nonprofits resolve the information aspect of the Nonprofit
capacity support issue.

"Please be sure your nonprofit constituents know about so they can benefit from it."

Posted by jpeizer at yahoo dot com. If you have questions, email the contact posted on or the poster's email address.

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