Monday, October 15, 2007

Deadline Is TODAY To Respond and Join the October Giving Carnival! Get Your Response to Me - Join Us!

Working in or interested in philanthropy? Well...

Either comment below, or email me at arlenes at thegrantplant dot com, or email me the link to your response posted on your blog about the following, please.

It is said that "relationships are everything" in philanthropy, today. Do you agree? What are your thoughts about this current paradigm? Good? Bad? What's really "everything" in philanthropy?

If you blog about philanthropy or if you are interested in philanthropy, join us by responding to this question via the methods, above.

Please get your responses to me by 6pm PST, TODAY, October 15th. Blogger will be down for ten minutes at 4pm, PST, today. Otherwise, we should have no interruptions.

Be sure to check back tomorrow or this week to read what your colleagues' responses are to this question. Respond to them. Let's get dialogue going and form a bit of community!

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