Thursday, September 13, 2007

Come Blog About Philanthropy With Us For The October 2007 Giving Carnival!

WE WANT YOU! If you are interested in philanthropy, please join us in the October 2007 Giving Carnival group blog session! We'd love to get your two cents (I know...bad...).

For the October, 2007 Giving Carnival (group blog session) I am considering that it is often stated that 'relationships are everything' in philanthropy. The topic for this Giving Carnival is... Are relationships "everything" in philanthropy, today? Here are some questions to get you thinking: If philanthropic relationships are not everything, what is critical to philanthropy's modern success? Who do relationships in philanthropy form between today, compared to the past? Where is the innovation, in developing relationships in philanthropy? How do modern relationships in philanthropy begin; and how are they maintained? Who or what do they matter for? What are philanthropic relationships' effects on the causes they are supposed to serve? Is their oversight of relationships in philanthropy, and if so, what are the checks and balances on them? Are there times that relations should be broken, and if so, in what situations? Etc. etc. You do not have to follow my thread of questions. Feel free to respond in your own format. Get your response to me by October 15, 2007 to be included in the group session.

You don't need a blog to be involved! If you don't have a blog, just post your response to the October 2007 Giving Carnival topic as a "Comment", below, on this blog post; or email me your response at aspencer at thegrantplant dot com, and I'll post it on the Giving Carnival response post, for you. Otherwise, please blog about whether relationships are "everything" in philanthropy, today, and email me the link to your post. I'll post your link, along with everyone else's!

On October 15th, later in the day, I'll compile all of the links and email responses that I receive, and create a post listing all of them. Get your responses to me by Monday, October 15th.

Be sure to check back on October 16th to read others' responses. Let's get a dialogue going and get some thoughts and ideas moving.

In September 2007, the Giving Carnival generated 22 posts! Join us and please let your colleagues, coworkers, clients, and your favorite non profit organization know about the October 2007 Giving Carnival, and ask them to join us in sharing thoughts.

If you are a donor, foundation programs manager, philanthropy advisor, board member, non profit development staffer, political bundler, foundations association executive, volunteer, consulting fundraiser to non profits, or just someone interested in philanthropy - we want you.

Specifically, the Giving Carnival group blog session is meant to be open to anyone, and always (from month to month all around the blogesphere) about 'philanthropy', generally. In other words, the group session topic should be a topic that would be of interest to people across the philanthropy sector spectrum; from professional fundraisers, to donors, to advisers, to foundation managers, etc. The goal of the Giving Carnival group session is to grow and encourage the 'philanthropy' related blogesphere community. Keeping the invitation open to everyone and the topic general invites the most people to get involved as possible.

Would you like to host the Giving Carnival on your blog, November, 2007? Just let me know at: aspencer at thegrantplant dot com. It is required that you have a blog to host the next session. You can keep the Giving Carnival going creating the next session question/topic, and adding to the invitation list. It's a great opportunity for your blog to receive more exposure.

The Giving Carnival group blog session was created by Sean Stannard-Stockton, author of the blog, Tactical Philanthropy. Sean is also the principal and Director of Tactical Philanthropy at Ensemble Capital Management, and the author of the monthly column "On Philanthropy" for the Financial Times; among other author credits in books, publications, on radio, and more.

Gayle Roberts, author of the Fundraising for Nonprofits blog, and consulting professional fundraiser, invited me to her Giving Carnival of September, 2007. This how and when I got involved. Prior to Gayle's hosting it, The Give Well Blog hosted it in August 2007.

I invite you to join in. Please respond to me by October 15th!


Andrea said...

From the women's market perspective, relationships are a very big part of philanthropy. Their process of giving will be very similar to their path to buying - in that it will not necessarily be linear: "ask for money, then get a check." Instead, their giving path will be more holistic and connection-seeking. Women will need to be drawn in, shown around and given time to decide. They may donate time or talent for years before finally getting to the financial end of things. Serve them in this way and you will not necessarily alienate the male donors - but you will more likely have raised the bar on donor experience for EVERYONE.

I am admittedly not expert on philanthropy from all angles, but I am an expert on how women buy ( If women are core to your audience - what I've shared here may shed some light or start you on a path to thinking more about your particular women's market.

Katya Andresen said...

Thanks for hosting! Here's my post!

Jeremy Gregg said...

Thanks for the invitation. I blogged in response here: