Monday, August 20, 2007

Yet Another Example of Donors Expecting Results; Non Profits, You Can't Just Take the Money and Cross Your Fingers Anymore

While this study is very specific to a certain Maine county, this study and how its findings are being used by a grant donor is a great example of how today's donors are researching how to make the greatest impact in our communities with their donations. If your mission statement's goal is relevant, if your organization's reputation is sound and your organization's well run, and if the programs and projects that your organization proposes are needed and well'll likely receive good funding. If you're organization and your proposed projects are not measuring up, though...fundraising will become more and more difficult. Want to know what donors who are doing research before granting are considering before donating? See the link to the most recent survey results Adobe PDF document, below.

From The Foundation Center's "Philanthropy News Digest"'s August 15, 2007 "PND Connections"...

"The Maine Community Foundation's social capital initiative is a collaborative effort with Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government to assess relationships, trust, and civic engagement in Maine's twin cities of Lewiston-Auburn. The first survey of area residents was completed in 2000, and the foundation is using the results of the latest survey, Social Capital: Cultivating Community Connections (34 pages, PDF), to inform its grantmaking in Androscoggin County. The survey provides a summary of the foundation's work with social capital and identifies questions to consider when assessing the potential of a particular project to build social capital in communities. "

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