Monday, August 06, 2007

Another Great Tool for the Grant Writer's Research or Prospecting

The Foundation Center's August 2, 2007, "PND Connections" announced a new feature on their website. The Foundation Center now offers an Events Archive "that provides free access to center events and other resources recorded in a variety of formats. Grantseekers, nonprofits, and the general public can view videos and webcasts, download audio recordings, read transcripts of events such as Coffee and Conversation With a Grantmaker, or view a presentation on branding strategies for socially responsible organizations. The Symposium on the Future of Philanthropy, part of the center's year-long fiftieth anniversary celebration in 2006, is also available in both video and print versions."

If you're researching a potential grant donor for your organization who recently spoke with The Foundation Center you can download the interview. You'll hear the latest from the horse's mouth. What a great resource! Other non profit professional affiliations who host grant donor conversations or presentations for its members should provide these kinds of archives, at least to members, as well.

Go to the The Foundation Center's Events Archive by click this link.

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