Monday, May 21, 2007

Current and Future Non Profit Success Strategies

[The link to the original editorial written for The Foundation Center's "Philanthropy News Digest" (dated May 18, 2007) by Heinz Endowments President, Maxwell King is located at: ]

Maxwell King and I agree, as evident in many posts in this blog. I quote Heinz Endowments President and Council on Foundations Chair, Maxwell King here, who states of philanthropy that a "sharp strategic focus can produce transformative change". In his May 18th article for The Foundation Center's "Philanthropy News Digest" (the link is above), King considers American philanthropy's current and future climates.

King says of American philanthropy today, "In our nation's capital, Congress has served notice that it will continue to closely examine its regulatory role with regard to the nonprofit sector. It is our job to work skillfully with members of Congress to ensure that proper oversight does not turn into over-regulation of the sort that could strangle philanthropy's promise." This is the first time in American history that Congress' has laid down stronger expectations of the non profit world. It is a benefit to the donor, to the non profit field, and to our communities.

King goes further, "Indeed, questions of good governance, accountability, and strong ethics are central to our mission and success. We all must become expert in managing these public-trust issues, as well as skilled in collaboration and communication, in order to ensure that the public and its representatives fully understand our work and the requirements for its success."

King expects that the future threshold for non profits will be how effectively we use our resources to effect change. Effectiveness will be the next lens through which future donors, our communities, colleagues at other non profits, and others will consider our work and reputation, alongside strong management.

Us volunteers, staff, and donors can heed the message now to our agencies' directives' benefits! Effectiveness, transparency, strong management, communication, collaboration, and efficiency will need to be our new agency viability metrics, if they aren't already!

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