Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's Like I Keep Writing: Guidestar.org's "Paper Thin Transparency" Non Profit Survey Results

Over and over again, in this blog, I explain how important it is for a non profit organization to maintain its accountability, transparency, integrity, honesty, and more. Non profits work in partnership with their donors, whether they realize it or not. Donors invest in our work and organizations, so they are (legally) allowed to look at our finances. Donors determine how good of a job are we doing running our non profit and meeting the need in our community. They also decide whether they want to continue donating to your organization or not. Knowing how to provide potential and current donors with the information that they need, so that they want to give, is of the utmost importance.

Guidestar.org posted a transparency question on their website, in March, for non profits to respond to. The results are really interesting. How does your organization compare?

The story and results are available on the Guidestar.org website at


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